3 Ways A College Counselor Can Help Your Teen

Getting into college can be difficult. There are things that you can do for your child that will help them get into the college that they want to go to. One of the things that they can do is to go to college counseling. There are a lot of things that your child can get out of working with a college counselor. 

Testing Assistance

One thing that a college counselor can do for your child is to help them with testing. Colleges like to see results from the SAT, and having ACT scores can help as well. The college counselor can help your teenager decide which test will be best for them, depending on what college they want to go to and what major they are hoping for. The counselor can also suggest different study guides that your teenager can use to help them be more successful on the tests, as well as setting up practice tests. 

Essay Assistance

One thing that most college applications require is some kind of essay. Your teenager needs to write the essay about whatever topic the school requires. Because it's part of the application process, it is really important to spend time making sure that the essay is just right. The counselor can help your teenager craft a good essay. There are several ways that they can do that. One is that your child can write several practice essays that the counselor can go over with them. Your teenager can also work with the counselor on learning what a good essay looks like. And finally, before your teen sends their application in so that the college can consider it, the counselor can go over it, edit it, proof it, and help tighten it up, if necessary. 

Financial Aid

The college counselor can't provide financial aid for your teen to go to school, but they can help you and your teen figure out what you need to do to apply for financial assistance and what the deadlines are. Financial aid doesn't just mean the grants and loans that your teen can get through the government, but it also includes scholarships and grants offered by other organizations. The college counselor can help your teen search for things that will work for them and help them apply. 

If you have a college-bound teenager, you want to do everything you can to help them get into the college that they want. Finding a college counselor can help with that. 

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