3 Ways Homeschooling Parents Can Get Help & Support

If you're like many modern parents with children either in the public school system or about to enter it, you're not entirely happy with the quality of education today's public school students are receiving. Classrooms in many areas are simply so overcrowded that even excellent teachers aren't able to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Like a lot of parents in your situation, you may be tempted to homeschool your children but are concerned that doing so would overwhelm your already busy schedule — and maybe you feel a bit intimidated because you feel as if you may not be able to teach your children everything they want and need to know.

Fortunately, homeschooling parents don't have to do it all alone. Following are just three of the many ways that homeschooling parents can get help and support.

Join a Homeschooling Group in Your Community 

Homeschooling is no longer the outlier that it was several short years ago, and it's a fairly well-represented educational alternative in virtually all parts of the country. There's also a national organization for homeschoolers that you can join that will provide you with information on local and regional resources if you're not sure where to start. One of the major concerns of homeschooling parents in the past is that their children wouldn't have the social options available to their traditionally schooled counterparts, but community-based homeschooling groups help fill that void.

Ask Your Local Public Schools About Selective Participation

Although applicable rules and regulations vary per jurisdiction, it's becoming increasingly common for homeschooled children to be allowed to participate in sports, foreign language classes, debate, band, choir, and other activities available through their local public schools that may be impossible to replicate in a homeschooling curriculum. If your child has a particular ability or interest that can't really be nurtured in the homeschool environment, it's probably possible to get that need met through your local school district. 

Take Advantage of Online Supplemental Education

The internet has revolutionized homeschooling in recent years, providing students and parents alike with more options than ever before. Personalized learning has always been one of the guiding principles of homeschooling, but the online supplemental education has made it more accessible to the average homeschooling family. It also provides students with learning opportunities that the parents may not be able to duplicate. These programs have changed the face of homeschooling for both students and parents.