Teacher Evaluations Coming Up? Why You Need Classroom Walkthrough Software

One of the most important things any principal can do is evaluate the progress of the teachers in their facility. You need to make sure that the students are being given the right information and look for ways you can help the educators improve their technique so they're able to get better results out of each learner. If you've performed these evaluations in the past, you probably used a more traditional, manual method. However, technological advancements now give you the chance to do the task in a more efficient way. Using classroom walk-through software can streamline the evaluation process and make it easier than ever for you to get the activity done in a way that works for everyone involved.

Evaluations Should Be As Fair As Possible

When you're doing the evaluations the old way, you usually end the session by writing a report. You list what you saw, what was done correctly and any things that stood out to you. Because the report is freehand there's always the possibility that there will be some discrepancy between what one teacher gets as opposed to another. This opens you up to being accused of being unfair, something which builds bad blood between teachers and could lead to disrespect and an overall atmosphere that makes it hard to show up for school each day.

Using classroom walk-through software allows you to evaluate the exact same categories for each teacher. There are usually multiple choice questions for you to answer which are the same for every evaluation that you do. Does the teacher encourage an active learning environment? Yes or no? These are the kinds of questions you'll answer and because they don't switch up from classroom to classroom it's a lot easier for you to remain fair and unbiased.

Send Reports To Teachers With Ease

Trying to get around to typing up reports for every teacher is time-consuming work. You have tons of other responsibilities and finding the time to complete the reports will probably take a backseat as you juggle budgets, the ordering of school supplies, and so much more.

Classroom walk-through software gives you the option of instantly sending out the reports by email to each teacher you evaluate. All you'll need is the click of a button and the report arrives in their inbox within a few seconds.

Switching over to classroom observation software takes a heavy load off of your shoulders. Once you start using it you'll never want to go back to old methods again!