It's Just Common Cents: Five Reasons Accounting Is Right For You

If you're looking for a career change, then there is certainly no shortage of options. You may be considering a move into a scientific or engineering field or possibly looking at options in the technology sector. It may not sound as exciting as those paths at first blush, but accounting is a great option whether you are just getting started in the working world or if you have years of experience under your belt already. Before you weigh all of your options, consider these five great reasons to start calling up accounting schools today.

The Money Is Good

Accounting is all about the dollars and cents, in more ways than one. According to US News, the median salary for accountants is nearly $70,000 per year. This puts the median individual salary of accountants higher than the median household income for the entire United States. Even at the lower end, most accountants are making drastically more than the average American. The career you choose shouldn't be just about a paycheck, but having a big one is certainly a solid bonus.

It's a Stable and Secure Field

Currently, the unemployment rate for accountants is less than the national average. This is generally true across a wide range of specialized accounting roles, and the finance industry in general enjoys high stability and job security. What this means for you is that you'll be entering a field where employers are forced to compete for talented candidates, also known as a "seller's market" for labor. This gives you more power to negotiate a higher salary and significantly more stability once you accept an offer.

You Can Be Independent… Or Not

Accounting is a field with a huge amount of flexibility. More so than with many other careers, you will have the flexibility to both work as an employee and to strike out on your own. Many accountants find specialized roles as parts of larger organizations, but many accountants also choose to run their own practices and provide services directly to either individual or business clients. There are few careers that provide as much flexibility, even if your preference for one type of work or another changes over time.

It's a Surprisingly People-Oriented Field

Money, stability, and flexibility aren't worth much if you feel bored or isolated in your work. Luckily, accounting can be surprisingly people-oriented. You will need to work with clients or with other members of your organization in a wide array of professional capacities. Since accounting is such a dynamic field, you can also expect to develop professional relationships as you attend conferences and talks to keep abreast of the latest news and information.

You're Going to Learn a Lot

Believe it or not, accounting isn't just about numbers. Businesses run on money, and you will be ground zero for interacting with the finances of organizations that you work for. This will give you unique and powerful insights into the world of business, and this knowledge is easily transferable to management or other business-oriented roles. While remaining in accounting for the long haul is certainly a great option, many people also use it as a stepping stone into other careers. The knowledge you gain will give you the flexibility to shape your future career in a multitude of exciting ways.